Geolocation plugin: multiple locations for an item record

We have an item in Omeka that contains field specimens from various locations. We’d like to set up a geolocation map to indicate those locations. However, it looks like the Geolocation plugin (v.2.2.4) only allows one location per item record. Any way to get around this?

Geolocation is pretty much stuck as one location per item.

We’ve bandied about the possibility of multiple locations per item before, and it’s not the easiest thing in the world. The data model isn’t tough (and in fact already has a little bit of plumbing for multiple locations per item), but it’s mostly interface-type stuff that’s a problem: the map now needs to accept multiple locations, needs to be able to let you remove just one from the edit page, probably needs to let you give some more data to differentiate between the different ones (this is a data model problem actually because the current code assumes all the interesting data is part of the Item), and just lots of other areas that assume a 1:1 mapping.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible, far from it. It’s just that it’s not a trivial undertaking or something that could simply be hacked together out of the current plugin.

As for workarounds, the only thing I can think of is changing things so each specimen is its own Item. It depends on your particular use case whether that will work for you.

(Mandatory plug for our ongoing work on Omeka S: the Mapping module for S supports multiple locations per item)

I built a fork of Geolocation to manage multiple points by item. See