Geolocation plugin installation


I’m not used with Omeka. I have installed the 2.4.1. version in my site:
It’s ok, Just one item till now, but it works.

I’ve decided to use the Geolocation plugin (2.2.5) but I got the message (not a valid plugin).

What should I do? I’ve tried to upgrade to Omeka 2.5, but that was a real mess. I’ve returned to 2.4.1.


Ricardo Mendes

That message can sometimes be caused by permissions on the server not letting the server read the files. So that’s a thing to check.

Othertimes, if you are grabbing code directly from GitHub, it’s possible that the directory names don’t match. If the directory name is something like plugin-Geolocation, rename it to remove plugin-.

Thanks a lot

The problem was the name of directory.
I’ve got the plugin from the Omeka site and copy it literally in the server (so the name was Geolocation-2…)

Another point: what Google Maps API should I indicate in the configuration (Java, embed…)?

Ricardo Mendes

From the page that we link to, just click ‘Get a Key’ and use that.


Excuse me, I am a complete newbie in this matter.

I am not sure about “the page that we link” (this one?

Should I buy a key of Google:? Javascript, Embed etc, which one?


Ricardo Mendes

Hi Ricardo,

You want to click this button on

Unless you expect to have more than 25,000 map loads per day, you won’t need to pay for anything.

It works!

Thanks to Omeka Team.

Ricardo Mendes

Sorry, after 2 days, working in regular way, the geolocation plugin shows, after loading the page in the correct way, a crash in the embed map. (in windows, IOS and Android). I got the message “something goes wrong” … "see the Javascript console " for details).

First where is this javascript console?


Ricardo Mendes

Try Ctrl + Shift + I in your browser.

Which browser are you using? If you google “[browser] javascript console” you should find help information for that browser.

Thanks everybody!

The problem was the same in Windows 10, IOS and Android (2 smartphones and 1 tablet).
The fact is that after 2 days everything is normal !!

Ricardo Mendes