Gallery view of past exhibits

I have inherited an Omeka site that uses a Simple Page that includes an Exhibit Builder shortcode to generate a list view of past gallery exhibits. I’d like to change this to a more modern gallery/grid view. I looked for plugins and alternate shortcodes to create a gallery view, but was not successful. Am I missing something? Can someone here suggest a way to archive this? If necessary, I don’t mind editing HTML/CSS/PHP.

Here is a quick update in case others are trying to do the same thing. I generated some flexbox CSS code (awesome-violet-by9sfe - CodeSandbox) and was able to change the classes to what Exhibit Builder generates by default. Here are before/after screenshots using Thanks, Roy theme.

Next, I would like to display each record’s h3 title as a ::hover overlay, but it would be really helpful if I could add some new CSS classes or IDs to the result list that is generated by the Exhibit Builder shortcode. Can anyone point me in the right direction to do that?

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