Function that returns selected theme for Exhibit?

Is there a function that returns the selected theme for an exhibit? Likewise, is there some kind of function reference or other developer documentation available for ExhibitBuilder beyond what’s on the * Extending Exhibit Builder 3 page of the Docs?

If you have an Exhibit object $exhibit, you can get its configured theme with $exhibit->theme.

Note that Exhibits don’t necessarily have a theme selected and can just be using the site’s theme: this will only return a theme name if the exhibit is configured to use a specific theme.

We don’t generally have function reference for the plugins.

Thanks, much appreciated!

I was wondering about the reference for the plugin because unless I overlooked it, the repo for it doesn’t have a reference either.

We mostly don’t build references… the core for Classic has some auto-generated reference material in the developer docs but that’s about it.

The in-code documentation is there and will be picked up by IDEs/editors, and of course people can build out HTML reference pages using docs generators if they so choose.