Full text search (for polish language)


Could anybody tell me how Omeka (or Omeka-S) performs full text search? I’m especially curious if it uses lucene (directly or via elasticsearch) or if it’s possible?

We have library of texts in polish language and there is fantastic steemer for polish in lucene [1]. Without it full text search is useless (because polish is fusional language).

I’ve build simple application that allows for searching our library using elasticsarch. You can see how it works here:

It’s quey for “krowa” (which means “cow”) and it returns texts containing “krowy” and “krową” which are valid forms of “krowa”.

We consider moving our library to Omeka and I would like to know if Omeka able to do this?


[1] http://lucene.apache.org/core/3_1_0/api/contrib-stempel/

Omeka and Omeka S use simple mysql searches on the main table of element texts. If you want a true search engine, you may install the plugin Solr for Omeka (https://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/solrsearch/) or the Search module for Omeka S (https://github.com/biblibre/omeka-s-module-Search).