Full Environment Required Specs on Release Notes - Omeka 2.5

Not sure if this is the correct location, but could someone provide the full environment required specs for Omeka 2.5 in the release notes? The Github lists external libraries, bugs etc., but I’m working on a project which has decided to create a new VM specifically for an Omeka Classic site upgrade to 2.4, with long term goals of 2.5+. I need to know whether I should recommend Php 7+ or not, or whether we should stick with 5.6 or lower at this point. Ideally I’d like to provide enough specs to allow for long term stability - but they’re missing.
Same with MySQL please :slight_smile:

There aren’t any notes on 2.5 in https://media.readthedocs.org/pdf/omeka/latest/omeka.pdf
Many of the issues come down to Php7+ and how Omeka handles thumbnails - is everything up to speed for 7+ in regards to Php7+GD or Imagick / Imagemagick?

The system requirements are generally specified in terms of minimums, not maximums.

Omeka Classic works fine on PHP 7. Official PHP 7 support begins with Omeka 2.4. ImageMagick support (i.e., “convert” command-line) is unchanged under 7, and Imagick and GD are just fine as long as you have the imagick or gd extensions installed, respectively. There was a brief time right after the release of 7 where there wasn’t an Imagick extension release yet, but that’s long been the case.

In general I’d recommend the latest stable version of PHP, so 7+.

MySQL is largely the same situation. I’d recommend Omeka 2.5 if you’re using MySQL 5.7 as there’s some quirks we’ve fixed there, but otherwise pretty much anything in the 5 series is supported.

More or less what I thought, but since I’m working with a client on this as a freelancer, needed to be sure.
Can you update the GitHub release notes and the omeka guide with this? The scope of this project has us upgrade to 2.4, so will likely recommend Php7 for this project, rather than 5.6, to ensure longevity.
Thanks - the image handling was the kicker.