Front end Integration with Omeka


My dad has used omeka for years to build a collection with up to 1500 items.

Now, I would like to use an independant front end to UI / UX as there is few available Omeka themes.

I was planning on maintaining Omeka instance because my dad kowns how to use it well, and a separated front-end system with Omeka API integration.

Has anybody done it before ? Do you have some idea that I can use to easily integrate Omega APIs with a cool front end ( or even wordpress, as they have nice built in themes )

Thanks !

Hi @xoco70 ,

Technically you could use a frontend framework like Vue.js or React to interact with the API and display items. I think it would be a little more difficult to try and use something like WordPress to display items.

With that said, I personally think it’s pretty straightforward to create an Omeka theme or modify an existing one. You could easily use a WordPress theme as a reference and recreate it as an Omeka theme. The Omeka documentation talks about how to modify/create a theme.