Foundation theme options

I’m setting up a new digital collection presentation, and am looking at several themes. The Foundation Theme looks good, but it offers a few things in the “configure theme” site that don’t seem to work:

  • Banner
  • Lightgallery

I’ve uploaded a banner, and it doesn’t show, and there doesn’t seem to be any other setting.

For lightgallery, there’s now other information other than a field at the bottom asking for which field to display. The Daily theme uses lightgallery, and I love it, but I hate the navigation. I’m finding UniversalViewer installation incomprehensible. If Foundation had lightgallery, I would use it.

For the banner, you have to supply numbers in the “Banner Height for Desktop” and “Banner Height for Mobile” fields - I suggest just putting in “100px” or something for both to start. It doesn’t have a default value, so without those numbers it won’t display. It also appears as part of the navigation, so if you have a column navigation instead of horizontal, it will show up in there instead of across the page.

For lightgallery, you must have “Media viewer” selected. I’d also suggest putting at the “Top”.

I agree that these settings are a bit ambiguously named.

Thank you! This worked perfectly! I’m so appreciative, really.