Foundation theme, Media viewer, Download button not working

Hi, I’m using the Foundation theme, with my media display set to Media Viewer. It gives me a black box with the image in it at the top of the page, with the options of zoom, download, and expand in the corner. Unfortunately, the download doesn’t work. It doesn’t work in multiple browsers, so it’s not those settings. Anybody know if it’s possible to get it to work?


Are you using Omeka Classic or Omeka S? You filed this under Omeka S, but this corresponds with an issue we recently fixed for Omeka Classic.

Right. Sorry. wrong forum.

OK. So the important thing there is, the new version of Omeka Classic, 3.1.2, contains a fix for this problem.

You may need to hard-refresh and/or clear your browser cache after updating to see the change here.

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