Foundation Theme: Display Site Title instead of Banner?

I am trying to configure the theme Foundation (Inkwell), and wondering if it is possible to display the site title where the banner is located. I inserted a logo and now the site title is not showing up anywhere. I tried to create a banner image with the site title on it and uploaded, but the raster image text does not look great on the page. Would this be something we can tweak by editing the header.php file? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you!

Foundation doesn’t have a setting to do that: the logo will always replace the title.

The logo display code for Foundation is actually in the files view/common/header-dropdown.phtml or view/common/header-vertical.phtml (depending on whether you’re using the dropdown or vertical nav option).

That would be where you’d change things if you wanted both the logo and the title text visible simultaneously, together probably with some CSS.

If you want to create a nicer-looking banner with your site title, we can probably help with that.

The maximum width of the banner looks to be 1314 pixels, with no maximum height set. You probably want to save as a PNG file optimized for the web, with a transparent or white background to match the site. Photoshop will do this well, as will Canva and other online tools.

If you want to share your site, we can take a look and see if we can suggest something more specific.

Thank you both for your suggestions! It’s good to know that using a banner with the title wasn’t a far off idea, and we decided to go for that and create a better looking banner. Again, thank you so much!