Foundation S: alpha release seeking feedback

We’re releasing an alpha for the Foundation S theme, an Omeka S theme built using the ZURB Foundation front-end framework. This theme was built with fast prototyping in mind, and has already served as the starting point for multiple projects at RRCHNM. The goal is to support as many features of Foundation for Sites as possible to provide theme users with more customization options using existing markup and style patterns.

Foundation S comes with 4 stylesheets: “Default” is the prototyping theme, while “Revolution”, “Sea Foam”, and “Inkwell” are themes with individual aesthetics built on top of “Default”. You can use these themes out of the box or as references for building your own.

Foundation S is another Omeka S theme that supports Sass for managing variables and patterns within their CSS, and makes use of ZURB Foundation’s extensive library of mixin components. Much of the theme’s customizability lives in the Sass, though we would like to provide more configuration options within the Omeka S interface for users who prefer not to write their own CSS.

Some features of the theme include:

  • Choice between vertical and horizontal navigation
  • Layout options for resource browse views (grid, list, or both using toggles)
  • Layout options for resources show views (stacked or inline properties)

For further information, please refer to the theme’s documentation. You can download the alpha release here. There is an equivalent theme in development for Omeka Classic.

We’re interested in initial impressions, feature requests, and of course bug reports. This is part of a bigger effort to expand theme offerings, and we’d love to hear how we can better serve theme designers and developers.


Very excited about this theme!

The first question from my Omeka group at my work was who will have access to this, and I don’t think I’m seeing it explicitly in the manual. Does it fall under the common permissions, where only Site and Global admins will have access to altering the CSS using this module? (Where the user manual reads “Site administrators can interact with active modules where appropriate,” I’m not always sure whether what I consider appropriate is the same as what code authors consider appropriate.)

@triplingual Yes, only site and global administrators can edit theme configuration and the CSS Editor module.

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Thank you for the quick response!

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