Foundation HTML embed

Hello All,
I am using the Foundation theme I would like to have the Media Viewer at the top of the page for all items. When I set the theme setting to viewer at the top it only works for images, etc.

The PDF’s only appear in the Universal Viewer if both the IIIF Modules are active. I hesitate to keep those modules active because they create extra files of the images etc. and I am working with limited space on the server. I am not sure I am using those modules to their fullest to warrant it.

So, is there a way to configure things to get the HTML and PDF’s to appear at the top of the item page? Basically, if media can display in the Foundation media viewer use that. If the media cannot use the media viewer, have it display the media instead like it does when the setting is on the “Next to Metadata” setting.

Need the best of both worlds here;)

Thanks for your help!

When you’re talking about HTML here, you’re saying that the problem for you is in how HTML type media is being displayed? Can you show an example (a screenshot, maybe) of what it’s doing that you don’t like, and/or the two modes you’d like it to combine?

I want all of them to display in the same place, either at the side or at the top. On a past site that I don’t work with anymore I got the PDF Viewer to be at the top of the page before. Just don’t remember how;)

If I use the setting “Next to medata view” items with multiple images don’t have the viewer.
If I use the setting “Full width viewer above the metadata” then then the PDF and HTML don’t display.

Here is the HTML Test with the setting “Next to metadata”

Here is the PDF Test with the setting “Next to metadata”

Here is the Image Test with the setting “Full width media viewer above metadata”

Here is the site in case you need it.

From the sounds of it, you are using an earlier of Foundation and Omeka S. Omeka S 4.0 and Foundation 1.3.3 support configurable resource page block regions as well as an updated version of the media viewer that offers improved PDF support. Note: while looking into this, I did notice a small bug in how the media viewer handles PDF widths; I’ll be pushing an update (1.3.4) with the fix within the next few days.