Foundation Classic: alpha release seeking feedback

We’re releasing an alpha for the Foundation Classic theme, an Omeka Classic theme built using the ZURB Foundation front-end framework. This is a companion theme to Foundation S, which was built with fast prototyping in mind and has already served as the starting point for multiple projects at RRCHNM. The goal is to support as many features of Foundation for Sites as possible to provide theme users with more customization options using existing markup and style patterns.

Foundation Classic comes with 4 stylesheets: “Default” is the prototyping theme, while “Revolution”, “Sea Foam”, and “Inkwell” are themes with individual aesthetics built on top of “Default”. You can use these themes out of the box or as references for building your own.

Foundation Classic is another Omeka Classic theme that supports Sass for managing variables and patterns within their CSS, and makes use of ZURB Foundation’s extensive library of mixin components. Much of the theme’s customizability lives in the Sass, though we would like to provide more configuration options within the Omeka Classic interface for users who prefer not to write their own CSS.

Some features of the theme include:

  • Choice between vertical and horizontal navigation
  • Layout options for resource browse views (grid, list, or both using toggles)
  • Layout options for resources show views (stacked or inline properties)

For further information, please refer to the theme’s documentation. You can download the alpha release here. There is an equivalent theme in development for Omeka Classic.

We’re interested in initial impressions, feature requests, and of course bug reports. This is part of a bigger effort to expand theme offerings, and we’d love to hear how we can better serve theme designers and developers.

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Hi, Kim.

Is there a test site implementing it, so that one can check the theme’s features without installing it?


Not currently, but we could look into setting one up if we see sufficient interest.

Hi Kim, where do you want feedback on the theme? Here on the forum? So far it’s got good options and a good item page on Seafoam. I’m liking it over the trouble I’ve been having finding a functional theme for our needs!

Grid vs list is awesome on the Browse Items page. Something similar should be available for browsing Collections, imo, as right now the CSS for Browse Collections looks incomplete. On my install, anyway, my thumbnails are gigantic (I set them to 800px recently because they were horribly low res before). So I had to add some CSS to manage this:

#collection-items .item-img {

Some CSS to float the description to the right might be helpful, as right now the DC:Description is just directly below each thumbnail.

Would love to see this developed/maintained.

Btw, for anyone else: Foundation was updated in November '20. If you install from the above link Omeka will inform you there’s an update available.

I haven’t heard anything, so more feedback…

  • Collections page needs work w/both function and CSS. I had to modify show.php to continue the grid/list function that Browse items have. The layout looks incomplete as mentioned above.
  • Default Sort plugin, even with the newest modification/fork/whatever, does not work with this theme in Collection show. I don’t know why.

Hi @earthsprite, I’m just starting to work with this theme and am having the same problem with the collections page just not looking too good. Would you mind sharing what you modified in show.php to get you the grid/list?

Thanks for the feedback @earthsprite and @peregrine. You’re right, the collections views need a little more love, so I’ll be incorporating some of your suggestions in the next update that I’m hoping to get out this month.

@earthsprite, could you link me to the default sort plugin you’re referencing?

@kim That’s great–thank you! I’ll keep an eye out for it.

See whether this fork for Default Sort solves the problem:

Hello @kim.

I’ve just installed the latest version of the theme, and here are some notes (in no particular order):

  • with Seafoam theme, active labels with font color black and background-color teal (see items/browse page) are not very readable; I’d change color to white;
  • all themes, with vertical menu layout: I seem not to be able to find the search input field;
  • collections/browse and items/browse: I’d add a config option to move thumbnails to left or right;
  • I like very much the list/grid toggle option; maybe a config option to hide/show thumbnails could be added too, or even an extra toggle button to show a list more compacted without the thumbnail; btw: those toggle buttons need tooltips;
  • when showing metadata inline, there’s one issue: if there are two metadata for the same element, they also get shown inline, reducing the width of the column and appearing odd; I’d keep the first metadata inline, and the following ones just below it, possibly separated by a thin line (this could be an option too in config);
  • on index page, the featured collection thumbnail is gigantic, and there’s no description/metadata but for the title; featured item thumbnail is smaller, but still no info but for the title; they’re both in a preminent position, but some extra styling could be added;
  • on index page, two big numbers show the amoung of Items and Collections; there’s no explanation for those numbers, so that would confuse a user; I’d move them somewhere else, and also add some context;
  • on Items/Browse, thumbnails appear to have different sizes: fallback thumbnails are smaller, document thumbnails are bigger; same size (small one) for all would be better;
  • not sure what’s the use for “Single Item Layout” config option: it just seems to center or align to left the navigation buttons;
  • in Items/Show, PDF thumbnails never appear to be squared, no matter which option for Media Display I choose; I just see medium sized rectangular PDF embed divs;
  • localization is missing: don’t forget the languages folder and files, for the final release :slight_smile:

That’s it for the moment. Not sure whether you need them as Issues on GitHub, in case just let me know.

Thanks for all the feedback! The issues you’ve posted to Github have been very useful, and are generally how I prefer to track issues. I’ll continue responding to your feedback there and close this thread since Foundation Classic has had an official release. Other forum users, particularly those not on Github, are encouraged to continue reporting bugs and other feedback here on the forum in new threads.