Forum' subtopics descriptions have disappeared

Just noticed that some of the descriptions of this forum’ subtopics have disappeared. Together with them, also sticky posts visible at the top of “Latest” section have gone, so I suppose somebody has done some cleaning up.
As for the subtopics descriptions, I’d suggest to add them again, as they might help users (expecially new ones) to choose the most related section for their posts.
Hope this helps.

Can you say which ones you’re expecting to see and not seeing? “Pinned” topics can vary for the user, you can unpin them for yourself I believe, and maybe this is what’s happened?

Globally-pinned topics tend to have an expiration date set, or will automatically unpin if read.

Sure, John.

At page Omeka Classic - Omeka Forum, I can’t see anymore descriptions for Plugins, Themes, Import/Export and Items and Collections categories.

At page Omeka S - Omeka Forum, Modules and Themes’ descriptions are missing.

As for pinned (sticky) threads, if I recall correctly there were at least 3 always at the top of the column; checked them, and noticed that they all were “PINNED GLOBALLY”, so maybe your explanation is correct, although I’m pretty sure I had viewed them a few times and they never got unpinned.

Hope this helps.

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