FontAwesome issues with Seasons 2.6.2 and Omeka 3.0

Is anyone else seeing the wrong icons for search, pagination and so on with the Seasons theme and Omeka Classic 3.0?

As far as I can see it’s a problem with the wrong characters being rendered in FontAwesome. You can see it at – look for the search box at top right, for instance, or the “About Us” tab, where there’s a box instead of a dropdown arrow.

I’m using the latest v2.6.2 of Seasons, among whose changes is marked “Update Font Awesome styles”, but it seems not to have worked for me.

Might the Omeka upgrade have created a problem with character encoding in the database?

Thanks for any suggestions

Your icons look OK to me.

Maybe you just need to clear your browser cache?

Listen hard and you will hear me slapping my head. Thanks so much for checking this. Since everything else seemed fine, caching didn’t occur to me.

You might delete this thread. I don’t think it adds value for anyone.