Font size of Item Title / theme: Thanks Roy

How can I change the font size of the titles of the items? it is very very big… I would like to minimize them a Little bit. What would be a proper comand for the css editor?

help is much appreciated

Hi @karola, sorry for leaving you hanging in the other thread. It depends on which item titles you mean.

If you’re looking at the “Browse Items” view, you’ll want the following:

.item.hentry h2 {
    font-size: [your-size-here];

If you’re looking at a single item page: #content > h1:first-child {
    font-size: [your-size-here];

It seems like you’re wanting more control over your site’s look, and Omeka’s themes are a great way to get hands-on with learning CSS. I recommend these resources for understanding what you’re putting into the CSS Editor and how you can explore theme styles:

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Thank you very much for the links!
I will look into them, as I really thought this would be a good occasion to start learning a bit CSS.