Folder and pdf and images

I use the last version of omeka s, but when I upload a file,( for example pdf)
I see the folder but not the icon of pdf…?

Hi, can you ensure the PDF uploaded properly by going to the item and viewing the media?

If the file uploaded fine, it may be a thumbnail tool that isn’t working right: Media - Omeka S User Manual

Test out a few file types (png, jpg, etc.) and see if any of them generate a thumbnail correctly.

If not, head to the System Information page (link at the bottom of every admin page) and let us know what thumbnail tools are installed on your server:

Thanks very much for your answer…
With the flles ,jpg, png , is ok
The problem is with pdf
this is my site https.//

My server has this configuration

I can’t find the error… I verife the manual .
Could you help me?

If you use some versions of imagemagick on some versions of Debian or Ubuntu, you should update the file /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml to allow to create thumbnails for pdf. Comment this line with <!-- and -->:

<policy domain="coder" rights="none" pattern="PDF" />

There are some pdf that may contain virus, so the default of ImageMagick is to forbid them. Normally, the issue is fixed since a while, but the policy didn’t change.
To recreate thumbnails without reimporting them, you can use the module Easy Admin.

perfect. is ok now…

thanks very much