First time installing from dowload method

I have a question. I am trying to install Omeka S with Installing from download method. I am using a shared hosting cpanel.

I am following these instructions from Omeka site how to install it on server.

“1. Download the latest release from the release page.
2. Extract this downloaded zip file to your computer.
3. Inside the directory, open the config/database.ini file and add your MySQL username, password, database name, and host name. The user and database must be created before this step.
4. Upload this entire directory to your server, into the folder of your choice. For example, if your server is, you may wish to install Omeka S into a folder located at Make sure it has your updated database.ini file (do not upload the original zip file you downloaded).
5. Make sure the files/ directory on the server is writable by Apache.
6. In your web browser, navigate to the admin page for your Omeka S installation, where you can complete the installation. For example, if you uploaded the directory contents to, then navigate to”

I am stuck on number 4 Upload this entire directory to your server. What do I need to upload? The whole omeka folder with updated database file or just the updated database file?

When I try to upload the whole folder it says error can’t upload folder

Also where to upload it? Should I create a new folder titled omeka or do I go to publichtml folder?

Do I need maybe to zip the whole folder than upload it?

Hello, you need to upload the unzip file folder to the correct place. Ask your web server admin for suggestions. For example in Linux, the place is under /var/www/html.
Good luck!