First installation

I’m new here.
I have a WP blog with a few thousand pages, which I use to sell ebooks that I have written.
I’ve been disappointed with the theme for a while, and am considering Omeka.
Would it import my current content?
Would it ‘take over from WordPress’, or sit along side it as a ‘shop’?
I haven’t got a clue really :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a direct route from Wordpress to Omeka, at least not one I’m aware of. You could export your Wordpress content to something Omeka can import, like a CSV for example, and work things that way.

Omeka’s totally separate from Wordpress, so it can “sit alongside,” in the sense of being a separate piece of software in a separate folder, but won’t really integrate with the Wordpress site at all.

Probably the most important thing is that Omeka doesn’t really have any e-commerce functionality or plugins, so it might not be a good choice for a shop.