First Fresh Install - # Omeka has encountered an error

Hello all!

First fresh install on Ubuntu 20.
I believe I have installed Apache, PHP, MySQL, ImageMagick correctly.
PHP works (tested a PHP page)
I get the generic # Omeka has encountered an error page.
I have enabled (uncommented SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development ) verbose error messages
same result. Is this correct?

I believe I’ve set the permissions correctly for www-data on the files folder (how best to check/prove?)
I believe I’ve set the db.ini file correctly. (how best to check/prove?)

How can i investigate further as to what could be the problem? any techniques are gratefully received!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Omeka has encountered an error

To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Classic User Manual page on retrieving error messages.

Having set the env to development, you should now see complex error messages. If you’re not seeing them when you refresh the page, try also turning on error logging.

Thanks! What is the best way to do this?

The instructions for enabling logging are lower on the page on that same “retrieving error messages” page linked from the error message you quoted in your first message.

As for error display not working, if the SetEnv is having no effect, you might also need to make sure that you have AllowOverride set to All in your Apache settings for your document root. In Ubuntu I believe this is usually set to None by default, meaning nothing in the .htaccess file will be read, including that SetEnv line. Keep in mind that if you do change your Apache settings, you’ll need to restart Apache for them to take effect.


I am having a similar issue but don’t know where I would find the Apache settings for the root.

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