First ~10 fulltext search results don't respond to sort

This is weird, and I’m not sure what to do.

The first 10 or so items in fulltext search results are kind of stuck at the top of the search results list. Sorting by created, title, date, doesn’t affect them. But the items below this subset sort as expected. Sorting works fine if there’s no query. And sorting works great with an advanced search by property (title is exactly …) It’s just the fulltext search. This is happening in public and admin views.

This is what I’ve tried:

  • Verified that metadata is present in the title and date fields, and I verified that there aren’t any leading whitespaces in the values

  • Deactivated all modules

  • Created a test site with a default theme, to rule out the custom theme

  • Indexed full-text search via global settings

Here’s the test site

There’s a current known issue where using a fulltext search forces on “relevance” sorting and any specified custom sorting doesn’t get used.

A fix for this is set to be released with the upcoming version 4.1.0.

Awesome. Do you have a ballpark idea about when 4.1.0 will be released?

We’re in the final stages of getting it together, so it should be pretty soon.