Finding the right filter

My plugin creates a new Item Type when installed, and deletes it when uninstalled. Without this Item Type, the plugin will stop working. For the time being, I have placed warning messages in the Item Type description, but I would like to actually prevent the user from deleting it with the Edit Item Type form.

Similarly, there are some Item Type Elements associated with the Item Type that the user should not delete.

I think the best way is to disable the Delete button on the forms for the database entries I want to protect.

I have written PHP code that will replace the <a>...</a> with a <div>...</div>, but I am not sure which filter will allow me to apply the changes to those forms.

Or would it be better to write Javascript routines that make the replacement and add them when needed in hookPublicFooter()?

I don’t believe we have a filter that will let you make that specific substitution directly, so the Javascript option you mention might be your best route.