Finding items by owner

We have students adding items for class projects and now it is getting difficult for them to find the items they submitted. They can find one offs with the title but there is no way to get all their items in a list. It would be super helpful if Owner was a search option in Advanced Search or if there was a My Items tab for the logged in user.

Lacking that, how are others handling this issue? I was thinking maybe the students could use a DC field for their name since they can search that in Search by property.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!


There is a couple of ways to deal with this.

The first thing to know is that Omeka S lets you search by owner, but not directly in the user interface it seems.
On the items browse page, you can modify the url by adding &owner_id=1 replacing 1 by the user ID of any student.

To get someone’s user ID, just look at the address when pointing to their user name

The other way to do this, more elegantly than adding a new resource attribute that does not describe the resource, would be to create an item set per student, that would be each student’s resource pool.

I hope this helps.

Thanks! Yes, I was also thinking about student item sets. The owner_id hack will definitely come in handy.

A final note on this: the user documentation also mentions another way to do so
See Managing users: « To see the items and item sets owned by a user, click the more (ellipses) button located between the delete (trash can) button and the user role label. This will open a drawer on the right side of the screen with this information; you can click on the number of items or item sets to go to the items or item sets created by that user »

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