Find the skipped items from CsvImport

I have just loaded 500 items using CsvImport plugin (v. 2.0.2) and I have 7 items that have been skipped. Is there any way to easily find them ? When running the import the logs were all disabled in application/config/config.ini so maybe that it is too late to get information but I would like to be sure before rerunning the import (or trying to manually find the missing items in the list).


Turning on the logging will help greatly. It will tell you the row, and some info about why it failed. Something like this (I told the import that the title column was a file url to force the error):

2016-07-12T08:44:08-04:00 ERR (3): [CsvImport][#4] Invalid file URL 'Charles Dickens': Charles Dickens is not a valid URL.
2016-07-12T08:44:08-04:00 WARN (4): [CsvImport][#4] Skipped item on row #2.

Thanks @patrickmj as it is only 500 records I think a binary search will allow me to find the correct ones quickly, otherwise I will rerun the import.