Filtering Link Resources (in Freedom Theme)

I have a use case where all linked resources (many 1000s) all of a single property — so the filtering in Freedom is not useful to me here — though great on other use cases.

What would be ideal is to filter on class or resource template. I have been studying theme code (new to me) and don’t see an easy solution.

Has anyone tried anything similar and can share their approach or am I possibly just missing something??

In case anyone else might be looking for similar functionality, the only way I could find to do this was to clone the Freedom theme, redo the common/linked-resources.phtml and resource-page-block-layout/linked-resources.phtml and then build two function helpers: ListItemClasses (to get all the unique class values from the linked items for the drop down) and FilterLinkedResources (to replace the functionality in displaySubjectValues ). Because my related items all have a class and the data is well typed that way, this works well across different properties that would have links to other resources. I am not a front end develop so I am sure I did many things wrong and it would be great if this was a configuration in the theme.