FileSideLoad Error Message (ValidationException)

Hello, I am currently trying to fix an issue with the FileSide Load module for a client and cannot find a workaround for an issue with the media files not uploading correctly. It is returning the error log:

Having read this, it seems like it might have something to do with the API and/or the access to the media files, but I cannot make sense of why it is not fetching the media files - given that the directory seems to be correct in the module configuration. Can anyone shed some light on the exact problem and how I can go about fixing this?

Many Thanks

If you look at the error, the file name it’s looking for is several filenames joined together by apostrophes.

This is probably just an issue with your CSV and/or CSV Import settings, particularly those related to the multivalue separator. Either you have some different multivalue separator selected than what your CSV actually uses, or you haven’t set the “Multivalue” option for this column on the mapping screen; those are the two most likely issues here.

Thank you John! You were spot on and I can see exactly what the error is now! The CSV upload has been re-run and now works correctly. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: