Files vs. Items and Universal Viewer

Hello. We are getting started with Omeka 2.5 and have installed Universal Viewer 2.4.4 and PDF Text 1.3. We have a large number of college newspapers to upload. I have added a few for testing. When I search for text in the pdfs (from PDF Text) the results are “files”. When the text is in the title, the results are “items”. The Universal Viewer does not display in the “Files” but it does in the “Items”. Is there a way to make it display in the “files”? I imagine alumni will search for their name, for example, and I would like for them to be able to view the pdf without clicking on the icon–if you click on the icon in the file result, the pdf opens in the browser’s pdf viewer (has less features and doesn’t look as good) and not the Universal Viewer. Any insight would be appreciated.

What are your files? A full serial or only one page by pdf?
The plugin can be improved to be displayed on the files/show page, but I don’t know if this will be really useful, because Omeka and Universal Viewer are document oriented. Furthermore, the Universal Viewer has many features, but they are not all integrated in the plugin, because the scenarios of uses and the types of document are many too.