Fileinfo error on new installation

I know this has come up in the past, and generally can be ignored, but I didn’t see the topic on this forum and wanted to double-check. Here’s the error message displayed on the site when I went to complete the installation (version 2.5):

Installation Warning
The following issues will not affect installation, but they may negatively affect the behavior of Omeka:’

  1. “fileinfo” module not loaded
    Without the fileinfo module loaded into PHP, the content type and encoding of uploaded files about cannot be read. The installer will disable file upload validation.

The part that concerns me is the last sentence… is that new? Is it likely to be a problem? If so, how can I resolve the issue?


The warning there isn’t new, it’s the same as it’s been worded for quite some time. It means that by default Omeka won’t check the uploaded filetype against a list of allowed types, as it doesn’t have a reliable way of detecting the type.

“fileinfo” is usually included by default on any halfway-recent PHP installation. If you’re running your own server and you don’t have it, it’s likely that it’s just part of a separate package in your distribution’s package manager and you simply have to install that package.

Okay, thanks for the verification!

Do you have documentation on how to install this module? The linked site is cryptic for folks who don’t work in the command line.

Fileinfo usually just comes with PHP, it’s a bundled and enabled-by-default extension. If you don’t have it, it probably means your distribution has broken it out into a separate package you need to install. The exact name will differ based on the distribution, though.