File Navigation

I am trying to make “previous” and “next” navigation links for files. I found the function “link_to_next_item_show” and “link_to_previous_item_show” but it looks like that only works for items and not files. Any help is appreciated.

I’m using Omeka Classic 2.6.


The code that’s used for the next and previous links, all the way down to the database, only exists for items.

It’s very simple code, just looking for an ID that is less than or greater than the current record’s, but it would have to be reimplemented to add similar support. If you want it to work differently, like only “page” within the context of the same parent item or something like that, it’d need to work a little differently.

So if I wanted to add functionality that allowed a user to browse from one file to another in an item, it isn’t available (at least as an out-of-the-box feature or plugin)?

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