"file exceeds the defined ini size"

We’ve installed Omeka-S and have been using it for a few weeks.
Its been working fine, but when trying to upload an 8MB file, we get the message
"file exceeds the defined ini size"

We’re running Nginx on Centos (latest versions)
Nginx config has the max file size of 512MB
php.ini has max post size set to 512MB
php.ini has max file upload size set to 1024MB
Servers have all been restarted
Nginx access logs to upload forms show nothing but 200 replies
Nginx error logs related to the Omeka-S site are empty

Posts related to the Zend framework show an issue with this error coming back from form elements not populating the property of enctype="multipart/form-data within the form tag. I checked the upload form in developer mode and saw that this tag’s properties are populated correctly.

Anyway- was wanting some help with this.

Are you sure those settings are being applied? You can check to see what Omeka thinks they are by looking at the “system information” page linked in the bottom right corner of every admin page.

If you click the little “expand” arrow next to the label for the upload box, Omeka should also report to you what we think the max upload size is.

That error comes from Zend’s file upload code and it pretty much ports it directly over from PHP’s corresponding error that should only be thrown if you’ve exceeded the upload_max_filesize setting.