Fields duplicating when using Bulk Metadata Editor

Hello. Our institution used the bulk metadata editor to make edits to one of our collections, but the result was that the intended changes were made to the element, but also left “Extra” fields/inputs.

Is there a way to keep one, like the first, output per element in an item? I am trying to find a way to delete the additional inputs, as it appears the first is what we really need.


Hello, Marcia.

I’ve never experienced such a behaviour. Which version of the plugin are you using? The original one by UCSC Library, or one of the forks by Daniel Bertherau ( or me ( And has the issue repeated itself with other Items?

You should be able to remove duplicates with one of the editing functions, anyway. As for Format, maybe the content was added in two different times? Should you need to remove one of them, you could combine Search and Replace function and, then, Deduplicate and Remove Empty Metadata Fields; that should do the trick.

Hope this helps.

Hi! Thanks for responding. It looks like the plugin is Daniel Bertherau’s.

Yes, the issue has happened in other items that are part of a 300 item collection. Not all items were affected. Your advice on search and replace, and deduplicating and removing empty fields is most definitely helpful.

When I get down to the bottom of what our user intended to do, it will help me determine what to search for and what to replace.

Thanks for the info, Marcia.

Do you by any chance know which was/were the editing option(s) that caused the issue?


It looks like they used “add a new metadatum”, so from what I gather, this is just going to create a new field within an element?

So, I am thinking this is a case of user error, good for the integrity of the plugin, bad for my cleanup. However, I was able to use the plugin to clean everything up, so thank you!


I thought it was that option, has it has behaved weirdly a couple of times with me too.

Made some adjustments to my fork, also adding a “no duplicate” option for when adding new values, and an “isPublic” option for selecting Items. See whether they work for you, I could use some feedback. Code is always at

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