Featured items in omeka-s?

in omeka classic there was an option to describe an item as “featured”. It might be because of the terms I am using but I have not been able to find an equivalent option with omeka-s.

My goal is to have a random item displayed on homepage, and I’d like to pick a random item from a pool of selected items, that’s why I was looking for this option. But if you have another idea to flag an item as featured, I’m interested.


You’re right, there is no “featured” checkbox or choice in Omeka S.

I would say that since Omeka S lets you have items be in as many sets as you want, that’s basically the replacement for an explicit Featured option: you can create a “Featured” item set and put items in there without disturbing any other ways you might want to categorize them.

Thanks @jflatnes for the advice.

In case someone lands on this page looking for a detailed answer. Here is the code I have written to achieve this :

$itemSetFeatured = $this->api()->searchOne('item_sets', [
   'id' => 435258 // The id of my item_set used for featured items

$items = $this->api()->search('items', [
   'item_set_id' => $itemSetFeatured->id(),
   'limit' => 1,
   'sort_by' => 'random'

$featuredItem = $items[0];
print $featuredItem->linkPretty('large');

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