Featured Item in Seasons Size

Hi all,

When I’m using the Seasons theme on Omeka Classic, I seem to have a recurring issue where in the Featured Item window, if the Featured Item is a still image, it looks blurry. This is even though otherwise all the images in my collection look fine as both full images and thumbnails. I tried tweaking image sizes under Appearances but this didn’t resolve the issue. I have noticed that the issue seems to be resolved when I use the Thanks, Roy theme, but I’d rather stick with Seasons if possible.

Thank you in advance if you all know of any possible solutions. Also I’m not at all good at coding, so if any solutions are “under the hood”, don’t worry about overexplaining or talking down to me.

Here is my Omeka site: Central Virginia LGBTQ Archive

Thank you all again,


The problem here is that the image being used there is the “square” thumbnail: it’s only 200x200 pixels, but it’s being blown up to a larger visual size on the homepage, so it’s blurry.

Changing the thumbnail sizes, particularly the one for square thumbnails, in Appearance should fix this, but that won’t affect images you’ve already uploaded. Changes to those settings only apply to the thumbnails that get made after they’re set. To actually change the thumbnails you’ve already got, you have two basic options:

  1. Delete the files and re-upload them, which will make new thumbnails
  2. Use the plugin Derivative Images to re-make the thumbnails. Derivative Images lets you run a background process that re-creates thumbnails for files in your Omeka site, which would include making them larger after you’ve changed the thumbnail size.