Featured Item blurry preview

On our current theme, Seasons, we noticed that our featured item preview is blurry. Note the attached screenshot. If you view the image, you can see the thumbnail it is using is smaller than the preview size (https://theamplificationproject.com/files/thumbnails/7dbf2b1701f1eae719499c90f7e836e9.jpg). Is there a way to make the larger preview use a larger thumbnail/not be blurry?


You can control the pixel size of generated thumbnails to just make them generally larger, that’s set in Appearance -> Settings (but will only affect newly-uploaded files, to change existing thumbnails, you can use the Derivative Images plugin).

Ah ha thank you! I had fiddled with this setting but didn’t realize that it doesn’t dynamically update the derivative images. However the Derivative Images plugin will save me a lot of work! (I recently got ffmpeg going and hopefully this plugin sets images for uploaded video as well)

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