Feature Request: show some linked items in public item page

I’m using event oriented ontology (CIDOC-CRM), that is a very common use case for omeka-s.
In that case there are material entities linked to conceptual ones.
e.g. MonaLisa painting is an entity (material: with material, dimension, etc.), the production of MonaLisa is another one (conceptual: with time-span, technique, involved people, etc).

I’d like to display on the same public page the material object entity data (picture, metadata) and all the related conceptual entities data (production metadata, location metadata).
Theses related conceptual entities could be displayed as “chapters”.
It could render like this (public page on top; admin interface option at bottom):

admin use
An option “show this linked item in the public page” could be ticked when choosing an omeka ressource as value for a metadata.
This new display should be active in both direction of the property. Especially for CIDOC-CRM uses : the properties are always outgoing from event. So properties linking a material object with any lifecycle event are incoming to the material object (this reverse link computation is already implemented in core omeka-s).

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Thanks for the feature request. I’ve created an issue and we’ll look into it.