Feature request: Automated Values

In my items I usually have a generic title (dcterms:title or rdfs:label) which I construct based on values in specific fields (like schema:givenName, schema:familyName, schema:birthDate, etc.).

I’d like to define in a Resource template that a property is an “automated value”, based on other properties (in the same item). Something like:

dcterms:title = schema:familyName+ ", " + schema:givenName+ " ("+YEAR(schema.birthDate)+"-"+YEAR(schema:deathDate+")"

For inspiration, a similar function in Wikibase: Automating Values in Wikibase - The Wikibase Consultancy

Hi Bob,
As a non-PHP dev, I like the idea of a (i.e. nodejs) app that periodically updates the generic fields by using the restful api.
Create a cron-job that checks for the mutation date of the items and the script creates the automatic values to your specification. Can be done hard-coded or maybe a configurable mapper.

Surely for display purposes you could do this without an actual metadata field, simply display a fake “Title” on the browse and search pages that is as you say, "schema:familyName+ ", " + schema:givenName+ " ("+YEAR(schema.birthDate)+"-"+YEAR(schema:deathDate+")"?

Is there an argument for actually filling a property value programmatically if all the information is already available elsewhere?

I imagine you would have a different automated value definition for each Resource Template. Changing the phtml display would become unmaintainable quickly.

And it’s not just for display: it’s generation of a value of a property. Which is shown in admin and public side, which I think is usually a property you would indicate as Title, and this property/ value is course also present in the JSON-LD output.