Feature Request: add property term as a css class


In application/view/common/resource-values.phtml, can you please add the following code:

    <?php $term_css_class = str_replace(":","_",$escape($propertyData['property']->term())); ?>

right before this bit around line 20ish:

 <div class="property">
        <?php if ($propertyData['alternate_label']): ?>
        <?php echo $escape($propertyData['alternate_label']); ?>
        <?php else: ?>
        <?php echo $escape($translate($propertyData['property']->label())); ?>
        <?php endif; ?>

and then echo $term_css_class right inside <div class="property">, or do something similar that accomplishes the same result?

It makes it so I can style properties individually without having to add a copy of application/view/common/resource-values.phtml into a new theme.


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