**Fatal Error** Configuring a default Template

Fatal error: List module does not exist in /home/pemihu/public_html/documenta/application/libraries/htmlpurifier/HTMLPurifier/HTMLModuleManager.php on line 189

I reinstall a brand new Omeka site (Versión 3.0.1), and when I want to configure the parameters of the default Theme, I receive this message, yes, I turn on the Developer messages to see what’s the problem, there is anyone that can help me?
There is some kind of configuration I forgot to do?

This is an error you’re getting when configuring the theme named Default, right, not a “resource template”?

I’m not sure quite what this error is about… it looks like the HTMLPurifier library is having trouble loading some component of itself. I guess the first thing I’d check is that all the Omeka S files were unzipped/transferred correctly so they’re all there.