Fatal blank page after deinstalling Dublin Core Extended


I’m just wondering if this happened to someone else (and how I can fix it). I just clicked on the “deinstall” button of the Dublin Core Extended Plugin and… blank page ! I have no access to anything on the admin side but the public site is visible.
Addendum : The plugin is not in the database anymore.
Thank you very much for any idea !


Is there any other plugin that requires Dublin Core Extended?

Hello Daniel,

Good point. I’ve installed first Dublin Core Extended and then other plugins. Among them, the Item Relation plugin. I thought the Extended Metadata Set was implemented in the Item Relation Plugin but perhaps it’s not the case. (In fact, I’ve understood that the Metadata “isVersionOf” of the Dublin Core Extended does not allow to make relations between Items (that’s what I was searching for), it just gives the ability to fill a field with plain texte, so I installed Item Relation Plugin to do the job).

There is a conflict somewhere indeed and it could be the reason. Thank you for this.