Facets plugin troubleshooting

I’ve been trying to experiment with the Facets plugin, but I haven’t been able to get it to work. I don’t know whether I’ve overlooked some obvious step or whether something might be broken.

I’ve successfully installed and configured the plugin, but it simply doesn’t display in my browse pages at all. I’ve tried it with three themes (Thanks, Roy, Berlin, and Center Row) and using both the existing hooks and the custom public_facets hook. If anyone’s got any insight, I’d appreciate it! The public site is here: Smith Family Papers

Hi Meg.

Are you by any chance also using any Avant… plugin, like AvantSearch? It seems so, as the items/browse page is replaced by a find one. In such a case, the reason why the plugin is not showing anything would be that it cannot find the correct items/browse page.

As for collections, have you configured any facet filtering for them or not? It seems there’s nothing set.

Off topic: I’ve noticed many icons missing, you might want to check this forum for threads about not aligned version of FontAwesome.

Hope this helps.

That was exactly the problem, thank you! I hadn’t configured it for collections, but it seems to work across the board now. (This particular site is sort of a playground for testing things before I deploy them on live sites, so there are a number of things that need updating!) Thanks for your work on this plugin - it’s exactly the functionality my colleagues were looking for.

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