Faceted search help

Hi all;
Is anyone aware of any plugin that adds faceted search options to search results Screens? For example, you could choose to apply a search to one or more collections and re-execute directly from the search results screen. Or you could filter the results for items that contain a specific metadata field value. I understand the SolrSearch plugin offers something like this, but we have been unable to get that to work and it doesn’t seem to be actively supported anymore. Are there other options? If not, I may try writing a plugin that does so. Thanks!

It’s not well-developed, since it was part of a side project, but there’s FacetByMetadata that might get close and/or give pointers.

Hmm. From looking at that and the documentation, it looks like the only way to approximate limiting/faceting would be to re-route searches through the advanced search. So I’d have to hack the theme to grab the $_Get parameters of the search and create a form where you could select different search options, then re-submit the search. That would work great for advanced searches, but not so well for simple searches, especially, say, boolean simple search.

That sounds right to me. It was never really generalized or included functionality beyond what I needed for that project.

@magick working on this in July and August! Daniel-KM has already made some progress with the References plugin for Omeka-S, but I don’t think for Omeka Classic