Faceted Browser error install in omeka s version 3.1.1

I am trying to install the faceted browser on the Omeka server, it has already been unzipped and it is on the server to install, the problem is that when I go to install the module with the correct version I get an error and it won’t let me install What can I do in that case? Who can help me solve this problem.

What is the version number of the Faceted Browse module that you are using? The most recent version only works with Omeka S v.4.0 and above. To install with Omeka S v.3.1.1, the newest version you will be able to use is 1.2.0.

The version I am using is 1.2.0 and an error appears when I try to install it and when I go to the logs it does not say anything specific to be able to install.

What is the error you see?

Retrieving Error Messages

If you are experiencing problems with your Omeka S installation, you can turn on developer-style error tracking.

There are two different options for capturing error messages. You will need to edit the .htaccess and/or local.config.php files, depending on which way you choose. You must use an FTP or terminal client to do so; if you’re not sure how to do this, please contact your system administrator or hosting provider.

I enter the log and it comes up blank

Follow those directions and it should result in a more detailed error message.

I did exactly what the error I sent you told me to do and the application.log comes out blank

After following the directions, the error you see on the website should change to include more detailed information about the error.

The error that appears on the website is the same, it has not changed.

Please post a screenshot of the error.

Hello, here I am sending you the error that appears when I try to install it, I go to the page for retrieving error messages. I do the entire procedure and the same thing keeps coming up and it doesn’t create a log

In your .htaccess file, change this line:

SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV "production"

To this:

SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV "development"

And the error message you see should be more detailed and helpful for us to troubleshoot. Though, I can tell immediately that there’s something wrong with the URL. The id should be FacetedBrowse not FacetedBrowse-1.2.0. Is it possible you downloaded the zipped up GitHub source code, and not the packaged module from the module page?

The .htaccess was changed. I sent you a screenshot of the change in the modules place it only says faceted browse alone and next to it the version which is 1.2.0.

Regardless, make sure you download the module from the modules page, not GitHub. The error is probably telling you that the module is invalid. It’ll probably work if you download and install from our packaged modules.

Thanks for your help I was able to solve the problem. replacing the name.