Faceted Browse question - query within query

I can’t figure our from the Faceted Browse documentation how to do the following. I hope someone can help me out.

My site contains recordings of lectures, seminars and the like. Each has a date and a location (among other things). I have created a Faceted Browse page titled “Browse by Decade” with categories “1960s,” “1970s,” “1980s,” etc. Works fine so far. Now I want the user to be able to select a location within a decade. For instance, if the user wants to find a lecture that was given in 1982 in Boston, I want them to be able to see all the items for the 1980s and then select location Boston to see only those in the 1980s and in Boston. How can I do this?

It looks like you may have gotten help on this from another forum poster, so let us know if you need further clarification.

@ AllanaMayer
Thanks. I do need further help. See my post at Faceted Browse - thank you - #5 by bmeacham. I have a category page for decade 1980s and within it a facet query for location (spatial coverage). When I enter a value for location it ignores the decade query.

  • Query: Decade = 1980s and Location contains “New York”
  • Expected result: Items that match both criteria
  • Actual result: Items that match only the Location criteria. It shows items with all dates, not just those in the 1980s .

How can I get it to show items that match both criteria?

This is a bug. Essentially, the category query and the facet query exist in the same place, so the latter overwrites the former when submitted. The fix should be published tomorrow.


Thank you! The new version fixes my issue. I am quite impressed with how fast you have addressed it. Kudos to you and the Omeka S team!

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