Faceted Browse module feature request - add HTML block

I would like to request the ability to add an HTML block to a Faceted Browse page (or at least a simple unformatted text block). I would use it to add text instructions for users and/or a link to another page (“How to use this index” or “Click here for help,” etc). I imagine this could be placed at the top of the page or at the top of the sidebar area that contains the facets.

(Screenshot from our website https://records.njslavery.org/s/doc/faceted-browse/3)

It’s a good idea. I’ve opened an issue.

I am concerned that different users will want to include custom markup in different locations, but I think where you’ve placed it is reasonable.

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Could I offer another feature request here? It would be nice to be able to input a slug to use for the address of faceted browse pages, rather than numbers (for example, in the example above, it might be “…/faceted-browse/persons” instead of “faceted-browse/3”).

Interesting. It’s a significantly more complicated ask, but we’ll consider it.

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