Exporting items & metadata from one Omeka-S installation to another


I’m looking to export a site (or, at least, it’s item sets, items, media, files, and metadata) from one Omeka-S installation to a new one.

I am not currently able to install modules on the original Omeka-S installation. I may be able to install modules on the new Omeka-S site.

I can’t find any kind of export option in the old Omeka-S installation. Is this something I could do using the API? I’m new to APIs so if there’s someone willing to point out where I should start learning this, that would be a huge help. (I’ve been poking around in the manual but it’s assuming a level of knowledge that I don’t have.)

Thank you!

The (unreleased) Omeka S Item Importer module should do what you want, but it’s still under development. There’s no official documentation yet, but you can take a look at our testing issue for an idea of how it will work. I expect we’ll release it sometime in May.

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Yes! This is likely exactly what I was looking for, thank you. I’ll read through the testing notes.

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