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Hi all,

I’m trying to find a way of exporting the records and files in an Omeka database we own. I’ve tried a couple of plugins - when Export was installed, the plugins page wouldn’t load, and I wasn’t able to expose any records with OAI-PMH Repository installed. Is there additional configuration I could be doing/parameters I should be using with either of these? A different plugin?

I know I have the option of using the API, although I’d need to update Omeka in order to do so - I’m reluctant to go with that option because I’m not sure I can back up the database (missing credentials for SQL user).


A tip about backing up: if your site is running you always have some credentials, since you have the ones that are specified in your db.ini file.

Okay, I managed to make a backup in order to update the site - it’s looking a bit dodgy (images not properly sized in exhibits, possibly lightbox plugin and the like not working) but really I’m just trying to find the best way to extract the data. Now that I’ve succeeded in enabling the API, what next?

What kind of format are you looking to export to?

The OAI-PMH Repository plugin uses fairly standard if somewhat older formats for metadata. You mentioned it already as having a problem, has that persisted? The repository is pretty simple so usually it’s quite reliable.

Ideally MODS but we could also handle DC. I did have the OAI PMH plugin installed and it gave me the URL to use, but even when I added verbs/identifiers to the URL, I kept receiving error messages (such as “The value of the identifier argument is unknown or illegal in this repository” even when that was the identifier set in the configuration for the plugin). Would definitely appreciate help!

Can you give an example of a request you tried that didn’t work? (Bonus points if the URL is actually accessible.)

Sure - http://library.providence.edu/spcol/theology/oai-pmh-repository/request?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&identifier=library.providence.edu

If you’re looking to get everything, ListRecords is going to be easier, i.e. http://library.providence.edu/spcol/theology/oai-pmh-repository/request?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc

You can see correct identifiers in the output there; the part you configure in the plugin settings is just the namespace part, you also need the “oai:” prefix and the actual ID suffixed, if you want to use GetRecord. Or, just a OAI-PMH harvester should handle things correctly.

Great, thank you! I appreciate the help.

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