Exporting all items in a database via CSV Export

Hi all,

I’m just posting this because there are no current, easy-to-follow posts on this topic. The technique to export all your omeka items in a single csv file is outlined here :

You essentially have to go in and edit the main php script. I did this and exported 18k items. You might need to fiddle with the memory settings in your .ini file/ MultiPHP ini panel in cpanel. From the post:

By default, there is a limit of 1 page built into Omeka for export formats due to potential issues for timeout on Omeka setups with many items. See this related ticket: #7

If you wish to temporarily lift this limit for this plugin, you can try to apply the workaround from one of the replies on that ticket. Open CsvExportPlugin.php, and add items_browse_per_page to the filters array like this:

    protected $_filters = array(

And this method to the main CsvExportPlugin class:

    public function filterItemsBrowsePerPage($perPage, $args) {
        if(isset($_GET['output']) && $_GET['output'] == 'csv') {
            $perPage = null;
        return $perPage;

I cannot guarantee the functionality of this, however, as the request may time out before the output could be fully generated.

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