Exported items with spatial coverage are not showing in the map

Hi all,

I work with the Tropy team on the outreach end. I’m currently following two groups of researchers/students who are using the Tropy plugin to export their items to Omeka. However, a few months ago when I introduced it to them, the exported items with spatial coverage would automatically appear in the Omeka map. Now, even if both have the most updated version of Omeka and Tropy plugin, the exported items do not automatically appear in the map. We’ve tried both dcterms:spatial and dc:coverage (using latitude and longitude coordinates formatted as decimals, e.g. -10.91111, -37.07167). Both have installed the Mapping module. Am I missing some key config for Omeka?

Thank you very much for any tip or direction. This would help me to offer further support to them as well as get more details for a tutorial text I am working on for Tropy-Omeka integration.

The Mapping module does not look at dcterms:spatial, dc:coverage, or any property. It uses a separate table of coordinates to add markers to a map. Is it possible you were using some other Omeka module to convert those properties to coordinates used by Mapping?

Thanks for the answers. I don’t recall installing any other module, but our first demo was done with the Omeka S Sandbox, could that be the case that we need to install the CSV import, that is active in the sandbox?

Thank you very much!

To be clear, you used the Tropy plugin to export into the Omeka S sandbox? Did you use the CSV Import module anywhere in your workflow? While CSV Import does have a feature to map CSV columns containing coordinates to the Mapping module, I don’t see how that’s relevant to your use of the Tropy plugin.

Taking a quick look at the Tropy plugin, it doesn’t appear to map directly to the Mapping module. So, if you used the plugin to export into Omeka, there must’ve been another step in your workflow that converted dcterms:spatial into Mapping coordinates. It does not happen automatically.

There is a third-party module named DataTypeGeometry that claims to add a batch edit to convert literal data into geographical coordinates. I haven’t tested this module, and it’s not in our official repository of modules (so use at your own risk), but it could do what you want.

Thank you, @jimsafley ! I will have a look at[DataTypeGeometry. But I might follow up future questions via Slack if it is not a problem to you. :wink: