Export VDI file extension

I build my Omeka database in a Virtual Box machine, using Ubuntu.There’s a vdi extension file that contains the core Omeka files.And at this point i need my MySQL database and core files out of the VirtualBox instance so that it can be uploaded to the Reclaim Hosting webserver.

As anyone experienced a similar situation?

If you’ve got an install in a virtual machine and you want to get files out of it the usual way is by running the machine itself and copying from it, either over a network connection or using some facility for filesharing built into the VM system you’re using (I know VirtualBox has a “shared folder” system for easily passing files between hosts and guests, for example).

Put another way, if you want to move from the VM to something else, you probably want to just go into the VM and mysqldump your database out to a file and just copy that, the same with tarring/zipping your Omeka files and copying them out.

Thanks John, i’ll give it a try!