Export media file

I would like to export a selection of media files (which are html files attached to items) from Omeka S. I am not interested by the metadata of these media, only the files.

What is the easiest way to do this ?

Bulkexport seems to export only metadata (not files)

These are HTML files actually, or are they the “HTML” media type, where the HTML gets input in a editor box?

For files, mostly “export” options tend to do something like just provide you the URL rather than actually the file itself.

These are “HTML” media type with the ckeditor integration.
I am looking for a way to extract some of them based on a query launched at the item level.

I could extract them from the media table in the mysql database but there is some work to filter and convert them as html files.

I guesse a solution could be with scripto (to copy these html media to mediawiki with scripto module and export them from mediawiki). I will test that.

Yeah, there’s no built in functionality to turn these into files. You could also look at using the API… though it’s probably pretty much similar to just pulling out of the database.

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